New Bing Map App: Imagine Cup 2010

Bing Map App: Imagine Cup 2010 In coordination with my post last night about the Imagine Cup, 2010 Apps Focus on Location, my friends at Soul Solutions have created a Bing Map App to pinpoint the finalists, judges and team captains from around the world. The new map app dubbed Imagine Cup 2010 has different colored pins to represent the different types of people associated with the competition – blue pins are finalists; red pins are judges; green pins are captains.

Bing Map App: Imagine Cup 2010

Clicking a pin will open a popup with photos and/or information about the our Imagine Cup peeps. You can also filter the types of application submissions by checking off the different types on the left-hand navigations. The categories include Software Design, Embedded Development, Game Design, Digital Media and IT Challenge. These future leaders of the tech world have submitted some crazy, killer applications that are inspiring us all to stretch our imaginations especially in the use of location via Bing Maps. If you’re a college (or High School!) student and want to get involved next year, get involved! For more information about the Imagine Cup, visit the web site. Who knows; maybe next year, I’ll be writing about your application.

Also, this is one of the submission for the King of Bing Maps competition. Got something better? Submit your app today!

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