Imagine Cup, 2010 Apps Focus on Location

Imagine Cup 2010 The Imagine Cup, 2010 is in full swing and at least 16 of the applications are using Bing Maps to represent their focus on visualizing location information. Open to students around the world, the Imagine Cup is a serious challenge that draws serious talent, and the competition is intense. The contest spans a year, beginning with local, regional and online contests whose winners go on to attend the Worldwide Finals held in a different location every year.  The intensity of the work brings students together, and motivates the competitors to give it their all. The bonds formed here often last well beyond the competition itself. Watch these videos for a full overview:

Imagine Cup and Bing MapsWhat’s really great is YOU get to vote for the best application. Go vote for your favorite application (preferably one with Bing Maps like those listed below).

Oman: “Show Me The Traffic”  is a web application that provides graphical information that describes the level of the traffic on roads using Microsoft “Bing Maps”. The web server of the solution will receive data from traffic detectors. By this solution, drivers will not be stuck in traffic anymore if they got our alerts. Also, the traffic itself won’t take long time to be resolved because of the decrease of number of cars towards that specific traffic.


Croatia: Think Green is a system design to bring technology and knowledge to the farmers, helping them to increase food production. The system is used for monitoring and regulating conditions in a greenhouse. The greatest feature of all is its ability to circumference the geographical limitations that numerous cultures have, allowing growth of required cultures virtually anywhere.

Slovakia: The aim of our project is to motivate people to reuse items because it is a good way of saving natural resources and our environment and people can help each other as well. We use a Bing Maps interface to show where what is situated and we let them invite their friends or let their friends to know about their activities via largest social networks.

Italy: Global warming and sustainability are big buzz topics, particularly in terms of individuals wanting to make a conscious effort to reduce their carbon emissions. 31% of carbon emissions are generated by cars and this figure increases dramatically in urban areas. Car pooling is a system recognized in many European countries as a way of helping people to lower their emissions, however, despite several attempts, it has failed to take off in Italy due to locals being wary of sharing their cars with strangers. The Error 404 team developed the Lift4u software which searches a number of data paths allowing users to find the ideal route, mode of transport (public and private) or people to car pool with and providing useful feedback and ratings as those seen on Facebook and Ebay. The app incorporates Bing maps and Azure services to provide a reliable, safe and effective system to optimize travels all over the world, cutting traffic and pollution back. It’s usable by a PC but already works on Windows Phone 7 too and integrates a smart system to make it safer, more secure and reliable thanks to a deep integration with Facebook.)

Tunisia: Our project, the Nature Protector, is basically geared toward governments in order to improve the quality of life for all. It aims to prevent disaster, help with better transportation issues and prevent ozone hole dangers. Our solution is a Silverlight Business project which runs on Web, desktop, cloud and Windows Phone 7. It collects information such as weather, pollution percentages and many other things from reliable sources for governmental administrations. It also works in conjunction with social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Bing and Google. It shows alerts of incidents to government administrators before they happen. It is not only for government use but also for a simple user who can choose a specific region and have access to all the requested information they need.

Singapore: Teacher’s Think Tank (T3) is a website and SMS system that provides a support network for teachers.    T3 hopes to do three things: to improve the quality of teaching in schools through harnessing the collective wisdom of the online community, to motivate teachers to improve their teaching methods, and reduce the rate of attrition and repetition in primary schools. This system enables teachers to SMS questions to other like-minded professionals in another region about subject matters and teaching pedagogy in their native language. Responses are generated and sent as an answer, in the teacher’s native language, via SMS. In this way, teachers are able to share their problems, learn from the suggestions and teach their students better.   In addition, T3 serves as a one-stop centre for organizations to assist schools/teachers to receive targeted aid.  Schools/Teachers may publicize their needs for resources via SMS. A Bing Map is used to display these requests, and filters information according to the needs of the schools/teachers.  When organizations learn about these needs, resources could be shared more efficiently, allowing schools/teachers to make use of these resources in their teaching.  Through T3, we aim to improve the quality of education in schools and reduce attrition and repetition rates.

Here’s a list of most of the countries with software design finalists using BingMaps:

  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Côte d’Ivoire
  • Italy
  • Oman
  • Philippines
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • Romania
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • Slovakia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Tunisia
  • United Arab Emirates

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