Follow the Soccer Madness Anywhere with Bing Maps

As the world gets ready to celebrate the most popular sport in the world, Bing has you covered. We’re providing you with a unique view into the world of futbol and right in Bing Maps. Spatial Search capabilities continue to be a focus for Bing and these applications are the latest example of how we’re bringing information to maps to make more informed decisions.

As teed up in a blog post earlier this week, “Football Fans Get Ready For Kick-Off” Bing Maps is launching a couple new map apps today to help you stay up to date with all the action in South Africa, wherever you may be.

World Cup – The New World Cup map app highlights all the different countries participating in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Countries are pinned to the map with their respective flags as pushpin icons. Clicking a flag pin will tell you when their next game is and against who they play with links to the FIFA web site for the respective match. Additionally, we’re pushing down tons of information such as teams, stats and standings right in Bing Maps. Now millions of World Cup fans can easily follow the month-long soccer finals with the Bing Maps World Cup app. In addition to group standings, the app will link by country to team stats including results and fixtures. The latest World Cup news will be supplied via an RSS feed from FIFA. Also, Stadiums will be pinned on the map; selecting a stadium will automatically zoom in on the map to the level that will display an aerial image of the stadium. Tweets that include World Cup terms will be shown. And for users who want to feel like they are there, they can check out World Cup specific 3D scenes from Photosynth. And, wouldn’t you know it we’ve updated the aerial photos just in time for World Cup. So, if you zoom to the areas in and around the stadiums you’ll see some high resolution aerial photos with the new stadiums in clear view.


Bing Map App: World Cup

Bing foursquare BadgeBing Map App: World Cup Turf Finder  World Cup Home Turf Finder – Can’t get your tickets to South Africa to support your favorite team? You’re not alone. The new World Cup Home Turf Finder map app will help you find your hive of bees to gather and watch your favorite team wherever you are. In select cities, venue information such as name, country affiliation, hours of operation and website will be populated onto a Bing map courtesy of Thrillist. In addition, the Foursquare and Twitter APIs will be leveraged to display current check-ins, venue tips and tweets. Deep Focus, Foursquare and Thrillist will partner to create a Bing Badge Program that rewards users with badges and specials for check-ins during the World Cup. And, don’t forget to get your Bing foursquare badge!



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