(Bing) Mapping Your Friends with the Facebook Map App

The newest Bing Map App to enter the Bing Maps Gallery uses Facebook APIs to pull in your friends from Facebook. Also, effective today, the Bing Maps preview I discussed in my blog post, “Bing Maps Adds Map App Ratings, Map Overlays and More” is no longer a preview, but is fully supported greatness for the world to see. All the features such as Bing Map App ratings, ICE Photosynth Panoramas, map overlays, etc. can now be viewed on the Bing Maps site (Silverlight 4 required).

Bing Map App: My Friends My Friends – Finding your Facebook friends just got a heck of a lot easier. The new My Friends map app lets you view all of your friends right in Bing Maps! Fire up the new application, log in via Facebook Connect, select “Allow” to allow Bing Maps to connect to your profile (to get your friend list) and any of your friends who have listed a “Current City” in their profile will have their profile picture pinned to the map. Look at where all of your Facebook friends are at any given time! Clicking their picture will show you their picture and status. We also have the de-clustering algorithm in place so if you have a number of friends in one place it will spin their photos into a circle and tether them back to the location with a line. This is a great new way to watch your Facebook friends move around the world…especially if you’re friends with me! Finally, you can write directly on someone’s Facebook wall from within in Bing Maps. Ah, the power of APIs.

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