The City of Miami Shows Value in the Cloud [Webcast]

Date: June 07, 2010
Event Start Time: 1:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (UTC – 4 hours)
Duration: 1 hour

The City of Miami, even when limited by a tight budget, looks for ways to improve the services it offers citizens. The city wanted to develop an online application to record, track and report on nonemergency incidents, but the customer’s traditional heavy GIS technology would require significant computing resources. Further constrained by long hardware-procurement cycles, the city needed a cost-effective, scalable solution that would maximize its available resources. The city developed its 311 application with cloud services from Microsoft including the Windows Azure Platform and Bing Maps Platform, taking advantage of scalable storage, processing power and hosting provided by Microsoft. As a result, the city was able to reduce IT costs, improve the services it offers citizens and deliver those services faster than before. Come hear about the city’s solution, their future in the cloud and ask them questions during this free, 60 minute webcast.


  • James Osteen, Assistant IT Director, City of Miami
  • Conrad Salazar, Project Manager, City of Miami
  • Derrick Arias, Assistant Director of IT, City of Miami
  • Benton Belcher, MapDotNet Business Developer
  • Dean Lacovelli, Microsoft SLG Director of Collaboration Sales

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