New Bing Map App: Bing Health Maps

New Bing Map App: Bing Health Maps Summer is upon us and with summer come the thoughts of being in shape and staying healthy. So, using data from the Department of Health and Human Services, we’re releasing a new Bing Map App dubbed Bing Health Maps. The new Map App provides statistical information for the entire United States by county to visualize healthy (and not-so-healthy) parts of the country to help you make healthier decisions. After viewing this app, you’ll want to stay healthy…

New Bing Map App: Bing Health Maps

Bing Health Maps is very straightforward to use – (1) Select a state and, (2) Select a Community Health Indicator. The map will re-center on the respective state and color-code the counties within that state based on unit-based reporting. You can select health indicators such as Birth Indicators (low birth weight, premature births, births to women under 18, etc.); Death Measures (homicide, lung cancer, stroke, etc.) or Health Risk Factors (obesity, smokers, high blood pressure, etc.). If the opacity doesn’t suit your fancy there’s a slider to increase or decrease it.

Once the map is loaded with the respective counties shaded you can click on any county to get all of the factors listed under the Community Health Indicator list all in one popup for that county. This app is jam-packed with information! Let’s say you’re looking to move California because you think everyone there is a health nut. Turn on the Bing Health Maps to see which counties are most healthy. Then, when you’re deciding to be a SoCal or NorCal person (the war wages on) you can fire up the Oodle Map App to check out rentals in the respective area. Or, check out the Twitter Map App and filter based on keywords like “running,” “hiking,” or “surfing” and you’ll finally find out that SoCal is just better since people aren’t Tweeting – they’re actually out running, hiking and surfing. Yes, my Grinch smile is spread wide across my face while I write this.

Using the Bing Health Map App allows for a great, quick views of the different counties around the U.S. How useful would this be in only tabular form? Well, certainly not as easy to distinguish the problem areas compared with neighboring counties with the simple click of the mouse. It’s all about multiple layers of data, right at your fingertips and easy to see.

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