Mashable Adds Trending Topics with Bing Maps

Mashable_0 Mashable just launched a new function of their web site highlighting Local Twitter Trends on a Bing Map. The application is intended to give devoted Mashable readers the sense of trending topics in selected areas around the world. Using a Bing Map gives immediate context for the respective markets and the top trending topics from Twitter for the respective market. Wondering what people are tweeting about in New York? Click the pin in New York and the popup balloon will showing the top trends for what New Yorkers are Tweeting about. And, hey, this was so interesting, I sat down with Mashable CEO, Pete Cashmore to talk about it on camera.


Additionally, you can use search filters to edit the tweets appearing on the map. Just enter a keyword for a current trend and the results on the map will filter based on your location viewport and the respective keyword. So, if you want to know what people are saying about “Bing” in Los Angeles, you add “Bing” to the search filters, center the map over Los Angeles and you’ll see a Bing Map with Bing related Tweets geo-located atop the map. Finally, as part of the application, you can search for relevant articles on Mashable. Put in a keyword and select the “Mashable” tab to get a list of Mashable articles that have the respective keyword tied to different articles.


Mashable illustrates yet another way to integrate Bing Maps into a custom application using the Bing Maps Platform. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the map has become the default background for so much information. Why use the plain white background when you can have a beautiful vector map or aerial photo to plot out your data? Remember the gray background of Netscape 3 if you didn’t set the body bgcolor??? I digress. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the Mashable content I’d like to see mapped out, so it will be exciting to see the uptake on this new application.

Read more about Mashable and Bing Maps on the Federated Media blog.

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