Bing Maps Platform Webcasts, April 2010

Today, April 22, 2010, is the last of 3 webcasts we’ve produced in April to educate you on using the Bing Maps Platform in the Enterprise. I’ll be hosting the web cast today (!!!) at 9AM PDT and for the first time you’ll get to see me over live streaming video! Very chic! Today’s topic: Managing Assets. Register now.

If you missed the other two web casts, I’ve provided additional context and links to watch them below:

WebcastApril2010_0 Light Up the Web with Bing Maps – Create a leading edge Web experience that lets visitors dive in and explore for themselves. Join us as we showcase how you can light up your Web site with Bing Maps. We’ll explore the integrated imagery and seamless navigation of the Silverlight Map Control, the up-close and personal views from Streetside™, the customizable experience to match your brand, and more! And see how customers are using Bing Maps today to engage customers on the Web! Watch it now!

WebcastApril2010_1 Bing Maps in Your Business Intelligence Dashboard – Empower decision makers across your organization with rich views of the data they need. Join us to see how Bing Maps can provide a spatial context to your business data. Learn how to build solutions with Bing Maps—and other Microsoft products such as SQL Server, Azure and SharePoint—to display your business intelligence data in a way that is meaningful and understandable. And help drive smarter decisions. Watch it now!

WebcastApril2010_2 Managing Assets with Bing Maps – Improve customer service, manage inventory costs, run efficient fleets, and more by building powerful asset tracking solutions that leverage the rich imagery and accurate geocoding from Bing Maps. Join us in a discussion of how organizations use Bing Maps to bring information about people and resources across the globe together and visualize it in a location-based context. And then quickly share this information with the people who need it. Watch it now!

So, if you want to know more about Bing Maps and Fleet Management Scenarios, register for the webcast on the Bing Maps Marketing site. To view all Bing Maps previous webcasts, you can view them on the Bing Maps Platform web site.

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