BGI ThematicMapper Integrates Bing Maps into CRM and ERP Systems

SAP_0 The Customer Relationship Management data warehouses are jam-packed with location information, so of course there’s no better way to view them than with a map (preferably, a Bing Map). However, there’s so much more that you can do with all of that wonderful location information – analytics, sales reports, thematic mapping, demographic overlays, marketing intelligence – the list is long. At Bing Maps, a number of partners have built out web parts and map parts for a number of different systems; however, Borchert GeoInfo GmbH out of Germany has a full solution for integrating Bing Maps Platform with SAP and Microsoft CRM using their BGI ThematicMapper (BGI TM).


BGI TM allows up to date geo-visualization of your KPIs, regional turnovers, disturbances, customer profiles and distribution areas. The program integrates seamlessly with your other software, from ERP to business cockpit, global market portal, CRM, broker’s system and more. With BGI TM, you can easily and attractively display your data, e.g., from your SAP. BGI TM enables you to quickly visualize and interpret key figures with geospatial content – addresses, zip codes, market areas or international regions – as symbols, pie charts or heat maps.


Check out this list of just a few benefits:

  • Area analysis and planning, optimization
  • Sales, turnover, market share and potential analysis by location  and distribution areas, seller / distributor / franchise areas, product groups etc.
  • Controlling and Planning Human Resources
  • Reports, cost and result analyses
  • Analysis of client visit efficiency
  • B) The benefits for sales reps / Office and Field Service. Operational use:
  • Planning client visits (tour planning, routing)
  • finding new “feeding grounds” for acquisition
  • Analyzing and planning of regional areas
  • Planning of locations for events, which are best accessible within a spatial customer cluster 
  • Prizing of goods in sensitive and neighboring areas (eg distribution of liquid gas)

And, hey, they even integrated the foursquare API. :)


So, all those things I talk about in my web casts about business intelligence and mapping data visualizations can now come to fruition for your CRM and ERP systems. Definitely worth a look-see.

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