Bing Maps foursquare Everywhere Application FAQs

What is Bing Maps foursquare Everywhere?

Bing Maps foursquare Everywhere is a mash-in application pulling in publicly available information from the foursquare™ APIs and placing information onto a Bing Map. foursquare users “check-in” to a location which is optionally shared with friends. Also, users may add tips about locations and are awarded with badges and being crowned mayor of a location for being the most frequent to check-in. This data is returned with location information (latitude and longitude) from the foursquare API and shared on Bing Maps through foursquare Everywhere.

How do I “check-in?”

You must first sign up for foursquare at Once you sign up, you can begin checking in immediately.

Why aren’t my check-ins / tips showing up?

A few ideas: make sure you’re sharing your location on foursquare. Ensure the check-ins you want to see are in your history. Bing Maps utilizes the data provided by foursquare, so if it isn’t coming from foursquare we won’t receive it to place it on Bing Maps.

What if I don’t want my check-ins to show up on Bing Maps?

foursquare has its own built in privacy settings for its native client. Using these setting you may select to not share your location when you check in. Please review foursquare’s privacy policy for more information.

How do I remove tips and check-ins?

You can login to your foursquare account and remove tips you have added. This feature is in your profile. You can remove check-ins by logging into foursquare, viewing your history and removing the check-in there. Tips and check-ins are removed from foursquare after you delete them; however, if you are still unable to remove the respective tip or check-in, you should contact foursquare directly at Any tips or check-ins which you may remove will be removed from the foursquare map app on Bing Maps within 24 hours.

What about privacy?

The foursquare map app on Bing Maps only shows information from the foursquare API that users have agreed to share. foursquare has its own built in privacy settings for its native client. Using these settings, you may select to not share your location when you check in or remove your tips and check-ins. Please review the foursquare privacy policy for information.

What information is Bing Maps storing?

Bing Maps isn’t storing any foursquare user information provided through the foursquare Everywhere application. We’re accessing the foursquare API which streams data directly to the map in real time. We do not store any login information or personally identifiable information from foursquare. All of the data in the foursquare Everywhere application is being accessed directly from the foursquare APIs and is never stored on Bing Maps servers.

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