New Location Browser on Bing Search

Bing Search continues to innovate and the latest and greatest little tidbit involves a location browser for mapping out places in Bing Search reference results. If you do a Bing Search query for “The Hurt Locker” you’ll be presented with a listing of Wikipedia articles. If you select the first one, you be transported to a Bing Reference page which has this nifty little feature browser hovering on the right-hand side of the page.


There are four tabs on the feature browser – overview, outline, images and locations. Click the locations button and all of the locations from within the article will be mapped out with little blue pins on a Bing Map. Additionally, a list of the locations is populated below the map. Hovering over one of the locations will highlight the pin to red on the map. Hovering over the pin on the map will give you the option to zoom to the respective location. So, now when browsing reference material on Bing you can see all of the location references right on a map without ever having to leave the article you’re so deeply immersed in; and, you’ll have an instant bit of context for associating the location information in the article with the respective places on the map. Bing!

Just another way Bing is continuing to innovate and make searching for material online smarter and more contextually relevant. Check out all the innovation coming this Spring as announced today at SES on the Bing Search Blog. And, yes, foursquare is coming to Bing Maps. :)

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