Embed Bing Maps Twitter Maps On Your Site

We’ve just released an update to the Twitter Maps application in the Bing Maps Application Gallery. NOW, you can embed our Twitter Maps functionality into your own web site. This means you can be cool by having a Bing Map on your web site, blog, favorite social networking site with the Tweets you care about. And, WOW, it’s super easy. 



You can do this in four easy steps:

  1. Select the map location either fixed (centered on a specific point) or anywhere (moves the map as the Tweets come in).
  2. Specify the dimensions of your map (height and width).
  3. Add search filters. These will be carried into the embed form if you’ve specified them to filter only tweets that meet your search criteria.
  4. Copy/paste HTML into your web page.




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  1. Chris Pendleton

    @annie3592 – there's nothing specifically for Tumblr.


  2. annie3592

    I just found the geotagging via WordPress. I've got my fingers crossed for a quick integration!

  3. annie3592

    Is there a Tumblr version?

  4. annie3592

    This is sweet.

    I'm going on a cross country this with my family summer and would love to use this same idea for my family's blog posts. I'd like to overlay the geocoded posts on top of an alrady saved map. Instead of using Twitter I was thinking of using something like Ping.fm so we could handle multiple media types.

    Does anyone have any ideas for an already built app that can handle this?

    – A.

  5. Chris Pendleton

    @John – Silverlight gives us more flexibility in the application gallery. You can have AJAX Twitter Maps. There's an option for that in the EMBED feature.


  6. crystal taxis

    so i can have a BING MAP on my website, even when i cant get my business onto BING MAPS, How to add a BUSINESS LISTING outsde USA?

     So when are BING going to format listings for the UK, i come back in a few months and try again.

    crystal taxis

  7. amd00x

    Good Call!

  8. luwinski_1977

    Thanks for this great post – I will be sure to check out your blog more often.

  9. Kareena


  10. rahanasalim

    nice tool..

    bing rock…

  11. bouka55

    This is a brilliant social tool!

  12. givelord

    Very impressive tool. I tried it.

  13. JohnCz

    It seems that Silverlight enabled Map Apps are responsible for providing embed code options.  Why not take the same approach as classic Bing Maps?

  14. Nathanael

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