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As part of Microsoft Learning, we’ve updated our exam for application development against the Bing Maps Platform. What’s this all about? For those of you who are new to Microsoft Learn, it’s all about getting certifications. Certifications lead to qualifications. Qualifications lead to being added to respective lists. Being added to respective lists means you’re up for getting business referrals from Microsoft; and, that means revenue. Here’s a bit about the exam:

About this Exam

Candidates for Exam 74-544: TS: TS: Bing Maps Platform, Application Development work on teams that create  solutions for medium or large environments using Bing Maps.  This exam is a rebranding of exam 70-544.

Audience Profile

Candidates for Exam 74-544: TS: Bing Maps Platform, Application Development work on teams that create Bing Maps solutions for medium or large environments. Candidates have experience with using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 to build Web solutions that search for and display geographic information for the Microsoft Bing Maps platform. Candidates should have at least one year of experience developing Web-based applications by using Visual Studio 2005 and be able to demonstrate the following.

  • Experience consuming XML Web services

  • Experience binding to Bing Maps data

  • Experience using the Bing Maps mapping tools

Credit Toward CertificationWhen you pass Exam 74-544: TS: Bing Maps Platform, Application Development, you complete the requirements for the following certification(s):

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS): Bing Maps Platform, Application Development

For all of the Microsoft Partners out there who are interested in becoming a Bing Maps Partner, you can get free training from the Microsoft Partner Network site.

Finally, and most important for some of you, starting in May, 2010 The Bing Maps Application Development Exam will fulfill one of the two exam requirements for the Business Intelligence Competency. So, if you’re looking to get the BI competency in your portfolio and you have experience in Bing Maps Application Development your path to completion will be getting much shorter.

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  1. Chris Pendleton

    @clement_911 – I know. #fail. :( The work to update the exam to include VS 2008 and 2010 was cost prohibitive at this time. We're planning to make some bigger changes soon with a wider scope. And, I'm going to make the test harder, so pass now. :)

  2. Chris Pendleton

    @cpleigh – I actually did get your email and sent it up the chain. Nothing came back down, so it appears there isn't much interest. I think it's pretty cool, though. :)

  3. Chris Pendleton

    @cm_sturgeon – As soon as the demand justifies it. We're pretty small compared to some of the other exams; however, I'm hoping to drive enough developers that they HAVE TO create a training kit.


  4. givelord

    It sure that certification is very useful to boost a career, especially in Computer science. I wonder wether if the rate of success in the Microsoft certification is high or low, or fifty / fifty.

  5. cm_sturgeon

    Any idea when/if MS Press will create a Self Paced Training kit for this exam?

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    Thanks for the information………

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