Bing Maps Imagery Release, February 2010

This is a pretty exciting release, especially if you’re Romanian. In this release, we’ve added….wait for it…over 1 million square kilometers of new imagery! Can you even fathom how much data this is? Now, all of you who’ve sent me emails pointing out shortfalls in the Bing Maps imagery can rest assure that we are updating it and publishing some amazing and quite recent new imagery. And, for the first time ever, we’ve added Bird’s Eye for Romania and expanded our Enhanced Birds Eye outside the United States! Here are the details:

Bird’s Eye


  • Italy – 5,547 sq. km.
  • Netherlands – 554 sq. km.
  • Romania – 1,414 sq. km.
  • Spain – 512 sq. km.
  • Sweden – 1,174 sq. km.
  • United States – 120,181 sq. km. (!!!)


Aerial (Ortho)


  • Australia – 54,488 sq. km.
  • Botswana – 46,179 sq. km.
  • Canada – 391 sq. km.
  • Lesotho – 6,201 sq. km.
  • Mexico – 584,527 sq. km.
  • Morocco – 109,448 sq. km.
  • Namibia – 47,199 sq. km.
  • New Zealand – 57,540 sq. km.
  • Portugal – The Whole Country!
  • South Africa – 221,336  sq. km.


Enhanced Bird’s Eye


  • Haiti
  • Mexico
  • Vancouver

Are you kidding me? The Bing Maps Imagery Processing team is really in a groove and our partnerships with Digital Globe, Pictometry and Blom are really paying dividends. As always, check out all the new imagery highlighted on the Bing Maps World Tour.

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  1. thenonhacker

    Philippines please!  :)

  2. Chris Pendleton

    @romanescu – anywhere we have Bird's Eye, the images will be included in the Bing Maps APIs. You can access them here and integrate them with your site:


  3. sushovande

    @chris pendleton is MUCH better, thanks for pointing that out. Please integrate it with the regular Bing maps.

  4. Bax

    Thanks for the very nice images! I am mapping the geology of Mt. Everest and entered Bing Maps just to check some coordinates. I had a horizontal shift in my GIS maps and discovered that your images have exactly the same shift! The peak is indicated where the image shows the steep West Face – an error of about 1km! Can you give me info on the used projection etc.


  5. Romanescu

    how can i connect birdeye view with a property portal in Romania? Is it possible to display listings on the bingmap in Romania and how to view surroundings of those listings? Any solution for that.

  6. patryk.szady

    Yup, still waiting for new imagery of southern Poland—you cant zoom in much @ all in some parts

  7. a.sobieraj

    Poland, when Poland?

  8. Kareena

    When will we get the updated map?

  9. bouka55

    am really impressed with the progress the maps team is making, it seems like every month there's an improvement!

  10. daveSSL

    Are there any plans to update the images for Cyprus?

  11. Steve Chadbourne

    Any news on New Zealand? I have to decide between google and Bing for a new project and while I would much prefer to go the Bing route the quality of maps even in Auckland is poor and very old.

  12. Alsace Web Agency

    "our partnerships with Digital Globe, Pictometry and Blom"

    wow! nice!

  13. tronied

    @Chris – Thanks for the link as I didn't know that page existed and will prove useful for viewing new imagery. It's good to know you have the coverage layer on your to-do list, and hope it won't be too long before its implemented.

  14. Chris Pendleton

    @Tronied – No timeline for this, but it's on our radar to do. Perhaps Johannes' application is more in line with what you're looking for?…/Default.htm


  15. tronied

    When are you going to implement a coverage layer for BirdsEye? I think I read a post by you (in October last year) saying that you don't want to create one because the coverage wouldn't be that impressive or something, but I don't think thats why people are asking. They don't want to be impressed, they want to see what is covered so that they can explore. At the moment, we have to guess at the areas covered. With a layer like the coverage for bing streetside, it would create a much better experience for anyone using the imagery.

    Please, if there is one feature you should introduce it is this one. Other than that, its a fantastic product and look forward to new features and developments in the future.

  16. Chris Pendleton

    You can post kml URLs into the Bing Maps AJAX site @ and also in the API.


  17. manish7738

    can we use KML's & KMZ's in bing?

    If not than which format is supported..

  18. manish7738

    When we  will get an updated maps of india

  19. Chris Pendleton

    @sushovande – how are the roads on Bing Maps India ( We have plans to use some of this data.


  20. sushovande

    When are we getting better roads for India? please let's get better maps and roads in India,.. pretty please.

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