New Bing Maps Application: Local Events

No plans this Friday? Make some. Bing Maps newest application Local Events allows you to search for what’s happening around where you plan to be. Or, even better, where you may not plan to be but will end up! Load the Local Events application and navigate to your favorite destination to see events pinned to the map. If you’re looking for a specific type of application such as music or dancing you can filter the results on the map be changing the category in the navigation pane. 

And, next to location what’s the most critical element of events? When! You can further filter your search results by specifying when you’re looking to have some fun. You can specify today, tomorrow, this weekend, this week, next week or specific dates. If you dig arts and crafts on Wednesday nights between January 13 and March 3, we’ve got your search query for you.

Plus, use the cool pin feature to pin the event to the map. Then, you can view just “your pins” at any given time. Also, get directions, share the event information or save the event to Your Places easily with built in features to do so. Go find something to do!

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