Bing Maps Beta, No More

We’re ripping the Beta tag off the Bing Maps Silverlight site and going full board with continuing innovation on Bing. Removing the beta tag has so many implications as a Microsoft asset in terms of what you can expect moving forward…reliability, supportability, and continued innovation and investment to name a few. The removal of the beta tag was done in parallel with a couple of new features and Bing Maps Application Gallery mash-ins.

First off, if you go to the Bing Maps AJAX site and have Silverlight installed chances are you will be redirected to the Bing Maps Silverlight site (note this change only affects users in the US). We’re rolling this out with a small percentage of users increasing up to 100% of all users in a few weeks. If you don’t have Silverlight installed you can hit the AJAX site and will be prompted to install Silverlight (which you can opt out of, but WHY would you??). Well, to make the AJAX site a bit smoother we’ve introduced some new transitions in the tile loading process for panning and zooming. So you can have your Silverlight and AJAX too. If you don’t want to stay on the Silverlight site, you can opt out and return to the AJAX site (aka Bing Maps Classic) via the link on the Silverlight site.

Also, two new applications have been added to the Bing Maps Application Gallery (Silverlight only) each of which I’ve written specific blogs on to explain each of the applications in detail:

These apps are only the beginning. You see it coming? A massive wave is upon you. Get ready.

Oh, and you can now access my blog from Bing Maps. Hey, that’s a big deal to me! :)

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