Bing Maps Imagery Release, December 2009

Another month goes by and another few hundred thousand square kilometers of Bing Maps imagery hits the web – more than 274,000 square kilometers in fact. December was a big month for Bird’s Eye and although we just launched Streetside, we’ll continue to add more cities every month. We added / updated 27 counties across Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey, Virginia, South Carolina, Illinois, Washington D.C. and Oklahoma with fresh new Bird’s Eye photos (33,520 sq. km.). 151 cities across Russia, Poland and Turkey were updated with new aerial (ortho) imagery (240,739 sq. km.). And, finally, we added 1.1 TB of new Streetside imagery of which I’ll get you the location details in a future post.


As always, you can see the finer details on the Bing Maps World Tour Application.

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    Thank you for great information

  2. xuhui.lee


    I wonder if someone could see me drinking coffee on the roof!


  3. adrianlee92

    wel people plese go to

  4. petknowledge

    wow this looks amazing with a this good resolution.

  5. icycool311

    yea, high def images would be amazing, i saw 3.2 Gigapixel of burj dubai and couln't beleive it how real it was

  6. dexter11235

    Can you do small town birds eye, such as Riverton Manitoba.  The little guys are always forgotten.

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