Microsoft Partners with Navteq for Streetside Photos

By now you’ve noticed our latest release of Bing Maps which includes Streetside photography (read, Bing Maps Adds Streetside, Enhanced Bird’s Eye, Photosynth and More). Now, you may be wondering, “You don’t have coverage in my area. When will you have pictures of my house?” OMG – go outside, stand in the middle of the street and BOOM there’s your house. Kidding. Seriously, we have some massive expansion plans to include all of the areas where we don’t currently have in Streetside and they now include one of our providers of that sacred road data – Navteq. You see, while Navteq is out there collecting the best of breed road information inclusive of speed limits, bridge heights, turn restrictions, one way streets (you know, important information so you don’t get killed navigating with their data) we figured it prudent to strap a few cameras on their vehicles to record some photos. How’s that for scaling out? Plus, we’ll be doing monthly releases of Streetside photos similar to how we process and release monthly aerial photos and satellite imagery. And, what better camera technology to use than the Microsoft Vexcel UltraCam technology? Well, there isn’t one – it’s the best on the market. And, now, Navteq has them in a “new technology partnership between the two companies…to mutually invest in the development of advanced collection capabilities that will accelerate the collection, creation and storage of 3D map data and visuals.

Read the full press release on the Navteq web site.

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