Bing Maps Platform Web Cast - Fall 2009, Release

I’m putting together a web cast focused on the latest features of the Bing Maps Platform scheduled for Thursday December 10, 2009 @ 10AM PST. And, this time it’s Level 200 so I get to show code! If you’re already familiar with the Bing Maps Silverlight Control you may still want to tune in. I may surprise you with a thing or two. If you haven’t developed with the Bing Maps Silverlight Control this session is definitely for you! Here are the deets:

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Build More Powerful Solutions with Bing Maps (Level 200)
Attend this webcast to learn how recent updates to the Bing Maps platform can help you build more compelling Web mapping solutions. Developers already using the Bing Maps platform can visualize data in more innovative, powerful, and faster ways, and developers who are newly deploying Bing Maps can develop mapping solutions more easily than was previously possible.

The Bing Maps platform brings location data to life by making it easier to visualize, understand, and analyze. The rich imagery, quality geospatial data, and leading-edge technology of Bing Maps is already being used by thousands of organizations, governments, and developers worldwide. Choose from four robust APIs to build innovative applications that allow you to better display data, excite end users, and improve business insight.

Okay, fine. Whether you’ve developed with the Bing Maps Silverlight Control or not TRUST ME you’ll want to listen in on this web cast. I don’t ever say this because I’m boring but droll, but I have something you’ll want. If you can’t make it or it’s some ungodly hour where you live, no worries – it will be recorded and you can watch it with your morning coffee.

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