European Environment Agency's Use of Bing Maps for Eye on Earth

European Environment AgencyLast year, I blogged about The European Environmental Agency’s partnership with Microsoft which resulted in a (then) Virtual Earth web site that monitors the bath water around Europe, (see: Eye on Earth Water Watch (and Virtual Earth)). Well, the project is back and now using the Bing Maps Silverlight Control, a new UI and addition data overlays for air quality.

Eye on Earth with Bing Maps

Per the press release, Eye On Earth was launched in May 2008 with WaterWatch, an application presenting water-quality data on an interactive site powered by Bing Maps. With this new update, Eye On Earth gets not just a fresh look and feel for both air and bathing water information, it also becomes one of the newest applications built on Windows Azure and SQL Azure hosting the Geo Observatory Data Store. The site’s user interface provides interactive information from Europe-wide to street level, based on data from air-quality measurement stations and citizens’ input. It translates scientific data into easily understandable terms. Read the full press release, Interactive Technology Empowers Europeans to Manage Environmental Change.

The Bing Maps Silverlight Control is an ideal platform for building out data intensive applications with an intuitive user interface such as this.

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