Web Cast: Building Location-based Applications with Bing Maps for NAVTEQ’s LBS Challenge

LBS logoPlanning on entering NAVTEQ’s LBS Challenge? Planning on using Bing Maps? You should probably tune into my session to get the skinny on how the heck you’re going to do that. See my blog post, “Bing Maps Globally Sponsors NAVTEQ’s 2010 LBS Challenge.” Register for my web cast on the NAVTEQ’s Network for Developers Live Meeting site scheduled for next Tuesday, November 17 @ 9AM PST – write that down. I’ll get into the different aspects of how use Bing Maps for web and mobile, talk about some coding opportunities and discuss the possibility of using Silverlight on Windows Mobile.

Building Location-based Applications with Bing Maps
This webinar will provide a deep understanding of the Bing Maps Platform including high level feature descriptions and code level demonstrations for both web and mobile applications. This session will be technical in nature and is meant for a developer audience interested in building applications using Bing Maps for the Navteq LBS Challenge.

I hope you can tune in.

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