The Weather Network Broadcasts with Bing Maps

The Weather NetworkNow, I’ve seen some cool newscasts with Bing Maps (formerly Virtual Earth), but I’ve got some new eye candy to help boost your weatherman’s ratings. The Weather Network in Canada has integrated Bing Maps into their weathercasts and it is, simply put – sick. Watch this weather broadcast video (in Silverlight) and check out the Virtual Earth / Bing Maps 3D integration with animated weather right in the 3D control and temperatures layered over the map itself (click map to view video).

I love the animated rain and lighting. We should do that! Hmm. Well, did you know you could build robust eye candy with the Bing Maps 3D Managed Control without using the AJAX APIs? Oh yeah, who needs JavaScript when you’ve got .NET? You can gain access to the documentation for programming with the Bing Maps 3D Managed Control from the 3D Team’s Blog.

Anyway, I may go to Canada just to watch this. Perhaps for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Oh! I could head up to Whistler and stay at a resort cozying up with someone special, watching skiers and snowboarders fly by while I sip hot espresso on the snow-littered patio. Oh, Whistler, how I do adore thee.

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