MapPoint Presence at 2009 SQL Server Pass Summit

The MapPoint Team will be available for you bending their ears at the SQL Server Pass Summit this year in Seattle, WA from November 2-5. If you’re a SQL Server expert and want to extend your use of the spatial indexing capabilities by adding visualization outside of the Dundas maps provided with Visual Studio, you may want to stop by the MapPoint kiosk at this show and talk with the experts who provide geospatial data visualization in MapPoint 2010. Specifically, you should read my blog entry “SQL Server and MapPoint 2009, Together At Last.”

At this conference, the MapPoint team will have (1) a kiosk in the Microsoft booth, (2) Eric Weitzman (creator of the SQL Server Add-in) at the booth, (3) a live demo in the Microsoft spotlight theater, (4) and sponsoring latte carts both days. So, hey, at the very least you get a free latte and learn a little something about SQL Server spatial data visualization.

If you’re there, it would definitely be worth making time for a fly by the kiosk.

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