Geo-Enriching Documents with iGeo and Bing Maps


nTerraCon just opened up shop with the launch of iGeo, their on-the-fly document geotagger. iGeo is “a new product that geo-enriches online text enabling website visitors to fly-into any location on a web page using Google Earth™ or Bing Maps™ . A free Community edition gives low-traffic website owners the power to add geo-context to their sites. nTerraCon’s Consumer Edition of iGeo™ allows larger customers, with greater traffic, to offer “on-the-fly” geo-tagging along with the embedding of text, images, audio, or video, text to create rich, immersive experiences for their users.

I like it. So, let’s dive into to this bad boy…

  1. First thing you have to do is register, so get that out of the way. There is a free community version that you can use to at least test it out.
  2. After you register, get a key from the iGeo web site. This was a bit confusing since this is their V1 release, but you’ll want to login, click “My Account” (upper right) and then click “Obtain a New Key” (left nav). They key is good for the entire domain or directory within a domain. So, enter your domain and accept the TOUs – this will generate your key.
  3. Take the little bit of JavaScript (below) paste it where you want iGeo to geotag your locations and magically all location information in your web pages, documents (yes, Word and PDF files too!), files anything on the respective domain will be linked up to a Bing Map (assuming, of course, you chose a Bing Map). :)

<script src=” width=600& height=500& map=VE& igkey=PRIVATEKEY& type=”text/javascript”> </script>



 And, it’s actually pretty cool to watch the page render, a slight delay, then suddenly there are all these links lighting up on your documents indicating a location to a Bing Map. Just keep your eyes open for the “Geo-Enriching Page” indicator. Once it hides itself, your page has been completely geotagged. They have quite a few samples across a number of industries where this is applicable. Worth a looksee.

You can read the full nTerraCon press release for more information.


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