Virtual Earth Server V2 Released

Vexcel Home.Our second revolution of the Virtual Earth Server is now available! Virtual Earth Server? Yes, we have a server product. If you have a need for offline or behind the firewall scenarios for your government or enterprise mapping applications, the Virtual Earth Server is the product for you. And, it’s available through Microsoft volume licensing which means it’s SUPER easy to buy. Easy = Good. And, it uses all the same maps and imagery that Bing Maps uses, but allows you to add your own imagery and photography or photography that is not included in the offering.

What’s in V2?

  • Silverlight Map Control – in addition to the AJAX Map Control for the Virtual Earth Server V1, you can now view your data in Silverlight
  • 3rd Party Data Aggregation – add new types of data directly to SQL Server 2008 including GeoTIFF and KML
  • Web Map Service Integration – a simple template allows you to ingest OGC WMS-compliant image server maps
  • Geocoding – address geocoding support for North America and Europe

A significant release to say the least!

The Virtual Earth Server is a product of the Vexcel Corporation a wholly owned Microsoft subsidiary. For more details on the release, check out the press release – “Vexcel Announces Version 2.0 of the Microsoft® Virtual Earth™ Server.”

To get more information about the Virtual Earth Server, let me know.


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  1. Chris Pendleton

    Yep – for complete offline use.


  2. tmaldonado1

    i am wondering is this a program that does mapping off line ?Or is it like google earth.  

  3. ericwfrost

    Quality Directory,

    I don't believe it is very cheap. Probably starting in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Think military applications on private, secure networks. I doubt you would even see any Fortune 500 company consider it.


  4. Quality Directory

    Good news. I didn't know that Virtual Earth had a dedicated server product.

  5. Shahaji Nangare

    Good Features

  6. himanshu_swaraj

    amazing features!

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