Bing Maps Events in Australia and New Zealand

How ya going? I had to shout the bar in Melbourne, so I’ve officially been broken into the Ozzie culture. Wow, you folks can drink. Anyway, some exciting Bing Maps events are coming your way starting next week, so get them on your calendar and get out there…

Sept 1st-4th is the Australian Partner Conference.

Visit the Bing Maps stand at the Expo on Wednesday for your chance to win a $2,500 travel voucher. Yes, $2,500. That’d be enough to get you just about anywhere you can find on a Bing Map. My choice?….Vegas. As if you didn’t know that already:


Sept 8th-11th is the Australian TechEd Conference.

Already a sell out so make sure you visit the Bing Maps stand to see live demos and hear how commercial and government customers large and small are using Bing Maps:


Sept 14th-16th is the New Zealand TechEd Conference

You will hear how to combine Bing Maps with Silverlight, Sharepoint and SQL 2008 spatial: 

We’ll have plenty of Bing Maps experts there including John O’Brien from Soul Solutions. Unfortunately, I will not be in attendance but promise to return this fiscal year.



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  1. slaneyrw

    Would be great… if the maps where ever updated.  S.E. melbourne is well over 4 years out of date ( monash – hallam bypass is under construction )

  2. Quality Directory

    Thanks for sharing this information. I hope I'll win a $2,500 travel voucher.

  3. SoulSolutions

    Thanks Chris! The Australian session is "WEB302 Bing your data to life, the Virtual Earth Silverlight control"

    Wed 9/9 | 13:45-15:00 | Meeting Room 7

    We will be focusing on the Silverlight control, demos include showing integration with SQL2008 spatial data, photosynth, sharepoint integration. Should be a great session for anyone interested in the future of web based mapping or looking at how they can leverage Bing Maps to add some amazing visualisations to their data.


  4. miles2go

    Thanks for updating us .

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