Yelp Launches Blackberry App with Bing Maps

YelpYelp just launched their new application for RIM Blackberry which uses Bing Maps to help users find themselves and interesting places around them. Sounds like therapy. I should get this application since if you knew me personally you would know I have issues finding myself from time to time. Anyway, the application is pretty dang slick using location aware technology to determine a user’s current location, then allows them to search for nearby businesses, read reviews and access a moveable map which can easily zoom in and out of a location and redefine searches based on the respective geographic area. Yelp for Blackberry also works in the US, Canada and the UK. If you have a touchscreen or a trackball Blackberry, you’ll be able to download the application or the next time you go to on your device. You’ll be able to download the Blackberry Yelp app here if you have a device with a trackball or here if you have a Blackberry Storm.



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