OLAP and Spatial Data Import COM Add-Ins FIXED for MapPoint!

Here come the rolling punches of MapPoint information. Last week, I told you about the release of the Microsoft® MapPoint® Add-In for SQL Server as a free download to import, edit and save your data from SQL Server 2008 (spatially indexed by geometries and geographies). Well, here is some more good news for MapPoint lovers – we fixed a couple add-ins that had broken with the release of MapPoint 2006. The add-ins were unsupported, but highly useful to many of you using OLAP or importing .shp and .mif files directly into MapPoint. The updates will allow users running MapPoint 2002 – MapPoint 2010 to use the COM add-ins…did I say MapPoint 2010? Yes, I did. More on that in a future post…get the downloads. They are free.


MapPoint 2002-2010 OLAP Wizard Add-in

This MapPoint 2002-2010 COM add-in allows you to perform queries on OLAP cube (.cub) files and create data maps from the query results. For more information about installing and running the COM add-in, read the article MapPoint OLAP Add-in Sample on MSDN.


MapPoint 2002-2010 Spatial Data Import COM Add-in

The Spatial Data Import COM add-in allows you to import ESRI SHAPE (.shp) and MapInfo Data (.mif) files into Microsoft MapPoint 2002-2010. This add-in is provided “as is” and as an unsupported sample of a Microsoft Visual Basic application that incorporates the Microsoft MapPoint 2002-2010 object model. It can only be used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Microsoft MapPoint 2002-2010 and Microsoft Visual Basic (.NET) End User License Agreements.
For more information, read the MapPoint Spatial Data Import COM Add-in article on MSDN.


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