ExxonMobil Integrates Bing Maps China API

Did you even know there’s an API for Bing Maps in China? Did you know there’s also one for India? Yeah, we actually have 3 distinct APIs that cover China, India and then everything else – the latter being the one you’re probably most familiar with. The maps in the China and India APIs are more detailed for their respective countries and haven’t been integrated into the Bing Maps [rest of world] API because of the requirements to host the data within the countries’ respective borders. That being said, ExxonMobil built out a locator application using the Bing Maps China API for their lubricants.






Go to the ExxonMobil Lubricants web site, select the first pull down box and leave the second as is then click the button on the page in the lower right and you’ll see the results pinned to the map. Each pin has a rollover with a box which will popup a new window and render driving directions on the Bing Maps China consumer site powered by DITU.




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