BBC Goes Big on Bing Maps

BBC has been quite the busy bees publishing some innovative applications on Bing Maps. Check out this list of applications:


Save Our Sounds – BBC wants you to help build an interactive map of the world. So get involved and send in recordings of sounds from where you live. Listen to the sounds of the world – and then send us your audio.


Cannes 2009 Map – Use this map to explore 2009’s Cannes Film Festival in video, audio, pictures and text. Updates will appear on this map throughout the festival, which began on 13 May. Our entertainment reporter Victoria Lindrea will be sending reports by email and Twitter from Cannes, and you can also read extracts from Arts Correspondent Razia Iqbal’s blog.




G20 Summit Map – Use this map to explore 2009’s London G20 summit in video, audio, pictures and text. Updates appeared on this map throughout the summit, tracking both the G20 itself and the protests which accompanied it.


Olympic and Paralympic Heroes Parade – BBC Sport’s interactive map of the Heroes Parade for Olympians and Paralympians, taking place in London on Thursday, 16 October 2008. The red line on the map marks the route the parade will take, from Mansion House to Trafalgar Square. Throughout the day, photos and text updates from BBC journalists will appear on the map. Hover over an icon to read an update or see a photo, and click a photo icon to see a larger version of the image.


Wimbledon 2009 – Get a flavour of Wimbledon 2009 with BBC Sport’s interactive map. Photos, video, audio and text updates will appear on the map throughout the Wimbledon fortnight. When first loaded, the map shows Centre Court and its immediate surroundings. Use the map controls, in the top left-hand corner, to explore the rest of the Wimbledon complex. Reporters from BBC Sport and BBC Radio 5 Live, plus Wimbledon’s own staff, will be contributing to this map each day.


Berkshire Floods – An overview of the Berkshire floods in February 2009 with photos, video and audio reports from correspondents and listeners – all plotted on our interactive map of Berkshire.




British and Irish Lions – 2009 tour of South Africa – Use this map to explore the 2009 Lions tour of South Africa in video, audio, pictures and text. When first loaded, the map’s focus falls on Johannesburg and the surrounding area, where the tour begins. Each tour venue is marked in chronological order. Use the map’s controls, in the top left-hand corner, to zoom out and discover more venues. Regular updates from BBC journalists in South Africa, including text, photos, video and audio, will be added as the tour progresses.


Irish Language Map – Turn on layers of Irish decent including family name, features, Flickr photos, map photos, events and place names.


England Council Elections 2009 – Use this map to follow BBC coverage of the run up to June’s English council elections. Content from our regional political correspondents around the country has been added to the map, along with profiles of each county where votes are being held. The unitary and county council elections will take place on 4 June 2009. Results will be displayed on a separate map.


India Election Train – Use this map to follow the reports of BBC correspondents as they travelled by train around India to cover the country’s elections. Video, audio, pictures and entries in Soutik Biswas’ India Election Train blog have been added to the map as the train stopped at eight key locations during its 18-day, 6,000km journey.


London Marathon 2009 – Use BBC Sport’s interactive map to explore 2009’s London Marathon in video, audio, pictures and text. Updates will appear on this map throughout the marathon on Sunday, 26 April, tracking the runners around the 26.2-mile course. When first loaded, the map’s focus falls on the first few miles, as denoted by a series of numbered mile markers. Use the controls in the top left-hand corner of the map to zoom in for a better view of individual icons, then click and drag the map to explore the whole course in detail.






Now, that’s a lot of applications! You got something better?



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  1. Anonymous

    I love bing very much!

  2. Anonymous

    Vine is not deployed in Bing Maps.


  3. ccssmikael

    is this microsoft vine deployed in bing?

  4. ccssmikael

    is this vine deployed in bing?

  5. Anonymous

    Chris – that at least gives me something to tell them. Unfortunately it won't do me much good when I get a call from a local politician demanding to know why we show Jersey as UK – he won't accept the 'dependency of the UK' as we're not – we're a dependency of the British CROWN not of the United Kingdom.

    Google don't feel the need to put UK after Jersey/Guernsey so a fail to see why Microsoft does – I understand your explanation but I don't accept it is necessary.

    If you would like to talk about it more away from the public comments my e-mail address is

  6. Anonymous

    Ryan – good eye. Guernsey is not part of the UK, but it is controlled by it, since Guernsey is a dependency of the UK and not an independent nation state.  We currently label dependencies with a parenthetical “controlling power” suffix, so that is why you see the “(UK)” after the name.  It seems this may cause confusion.  In our data model, that island is not part of the UK, but I can see how that subtle distinction might be lost given the way it is labeled. We'll have have to investigate how to make this more clear, but at least you'll have an answer for your customers if/when they ask.


  7. Anonymous

    I'm working on an interactive map for BBC Jersey that should go live in August looking at the islands beaches.

    My only concern is that they label Jersey and Guernsey as UK and I KNOW I'll get complaints about that from islanders as Jersey isn't in the UK.

  8. NextBingThing

    I'm not at all surprised to read this. I've been doing a lot of tinkering with Images and it's yet another fantastic part of Bing.

    Thumbs up to you all for creating a giant of a browser.

  9. Anonymous

    What is the point to keep Multimap? I have to admit I am a bit lost. And adverstising on MutiMap goes through doubleclick, which is Google…

  10. jamesbored

    Multimaps isn't interactive in the same way, at least it didn't look it at first glance. I've never come across it before.

    I do like the idea of the Save Our Sounds map. Going to have to go out and do some recording.

  11. Anonymous

    this is pointless for the BBC to use the Bing Maps service.

    As nobody in the UK can really use the Bing Maps UK version as it is basically MultiMaps in the UK.

    Don't understand why the have Bing Maps UK and MultiMaps but really only use MultiMaps for the normall customer. But still have Bing Maps UK. =/

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