Boston Pizza on Bing Maps

A dear friend of mine just moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia (dontcha know). Luckily, she’ll be able to find some good pizza to keep her warm through those freezing winters. And, she can do so using Bing Maps and Boston Pizza’s restaurant locator. Just enter a city and province and click “Go.” An auto-complete script is in place while you type your city – I love being lazy. Alternatively, you can enter a postal code and radius – 10, 25 or 50 KM. Note the custom numbering pushpins, Boston Pizza logo in the popup, contact information and links to driving directions and a fully detailed restaurant page complete with a menu, restaurant hours and even an RSS feed of the latest happenings.




So, Canadian Bacon in Canada….is that bacon or sausage or ham or what??? I’ll need to investigate.



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  1. Anonymous

    parabellum – someone who isn't as myopic as some MS hater would know the rest of the world refers to them as postal codes and since I deal with a world wide audience I adjust accordingly. Perhaps I'll start calling Soccer, "Football" too just to see what happens.


  2. Anonymous

    Here in the US we call them ZIP Codes, not postal codes.  You would think someone involved in Microsoft's internet maps service would know this.

  3. manu_george

    it is good

  4. frankcalisi

    no Canadian Bacon is round Bacon . It might come from Canada originally ;however it can probably be made anywere. i haven"t had any in years. You just gave me an idear about what i will order with my brekfast later this week!!

  5. khristopher

    Canadian bacon is just bacon in Canada. It is bacon.

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