Is Bing Maps Just a New Name?

Not the case. Well, Bing Maps is pretty much the same, but we did get the new logo and image captions of what’s on’s home page. Oh, and the URL is now; however, more importantly, there are other Bing properties that are implementing Bing Maps in a variety of ways.


A search for Rubio’s near San Diego, CA provides the 10 closest locations with a nice little inset map pinpointing where they are. In fact, if you just search for San Diego, you can use the list of topics down the left-hand side to continue to narrow in on the information you need for San Diego – Attractions, Weather, Map, Hotels, Events, or Images. Clicking “Map” link will provide you with a small overview map of San Diego. And, Image results are really cool since you can get images of San Diego; but, by clicking the “show map” link, you also get an overview map of where images have been geotagged and a Bird’s Eye image right in the search results. If you get into the Local Search results, you’ll see a larger map with the ability to select “1-click directions” which is just that – 1-click and you get directions from the 4 cardinal directions to the place in which you’re interested. Something to note about 1-click directions is that it will basically find 4 major roads or highways (since you probably know how to get to them) and gives you the step-by-step directions to the place you’re not familiar with. And, then of course, there’s old reliable – Bing Maps which continues to provide you with rich imagery and aerial photos including our exclusive Bird’s Eye photography, tons of road and point of interest information, traffic, driving directions, personalized collections and more!




You may also wonder why the Space Needle was orange (last night). You can search that and find out, plus get a Bird’s Eye photo.


Or, you could just see the Bing Truck driving around. Yeah, there’s a huge monitor on the side featuring Bing Maps and Traffic helping Seattleites decide whether to take the 520 or 90 floating bridge home from Redmond…see the theme here…helping people decide….decision engine…it’s catching on. Here, I synthed it for you:


You will see Bing Maps proliferate across Bing (and Microsoft) properties over time and you will see some exciting things coming down the pike over time for Bing Maps. Would love to hear your feedback on what you think thus far. Send it my way!



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  1. Embedded Flash Player

    I think it is very good name.

  2. Anonymous

    I love bing very much!

  3. mark.v.deibert


  4. theshhapesmith

    CAn we embed these maps?   It seems like a critical feature…

  5. Anonymous

    bing just seems wrong in so many ways, even this post. whats going on? and u 'synthed' it, omg u guys are seriously losing the plot

  6. Anonymous

    The logo has changed, but still links to nothing!  Hovering the logo with the mouse changes the cursor, but clicking goes nowhere.  I would have expected a link to the ToU, since it specified, in these ToU, that anyone wishing to integrate the Bing map controls/services must link to the ToU.  Therefore, linking to them through the Bing icone would simplify the overall process and would look less buggy.

  7. Anonymous

    How confusing… when I go to and click 'maps', I get forwarded to Multimap, which apparently is the UK offering of bing maps.

    But if I go direct to I get sent to the old-style Virtual Earth bing map centred on the UK, which is much easier to use.

  8. Mr.noom

    oh logo of  beutifull

  9. Anonymous

    we already have enough road traffic around seattle with people who spend too much time doing things are than paying attention to other drivers – why contribute to the mess with the advertising trucks????

  10. Anonymous

    I really like the new look of Bing but…

    What happened to the detailed maps of Serbia that were available prior to the conversion to Bing?

    Now only major roads show up in Serbia… this was not the case prior to the conversion? I'm hoping this is just a short-term bug.

    Can anyone from Bing provide an update?

  11. BinaryJam

    I get multi-map a terrible product before you bought it and whilst I can see the live maps integration ( I refuse to use the Bing name cos its a sucky dilution of what was becoming a great brand) it's still multi-map and not the great Live Maps product.

    Have a word, ditch multimap from bing in the UK it blows, it always did.  It's only redeeming feature is OS maps but I only use those when I'm walking and I get proper printed versions.

  12. Mohammad Reza

    That is new 😀

  13. Spinnut

    Bing Map is one of the best, I loaded the 3D map and was very impressed with the look. I also like the new search when my site shows up that little thingy on the right that shows different pages like Service, Sales, And a few cars I sell is just to cool. Even though the phone number that it shows ain't the right one it's still one of the business phone that will get you where you want.

    Kudos to Bing and associates.

  14. Anonymous

    Multimap remains a well established and highly trafficked mapping site in the UK and a subsidiary of Bing Maps.  “Multimap from Bing” will remain our mapping destination in the UK and the experience will not change. Since the acquisition of Multimap 18 months ago, we’ve integrated several legacy Bing Maps features into the Multimap experience, and we will continue to integrate our offerings to build innovative mapping services for the UK market. FAQs:…/Bing%20Maps%20FAQ_6.01.09.pdf.

  15. windowspczone

    I hate Multi Maps in the UK. Why can't the UK have Bing Maps like everybody else!!

  16. Chris Pendleton

    Amit – good feedback. I've submitted it to the team.


  17. Anonymous

    There's one thing that still bugs me. When doing the following search

    Giodarnos 60605

    In Bing Maps, it tries taking me to Italy, when I'm really wanting to find a Giordano's in the Chicago area. In order for Bing Maps to understand me, I'm required to place a comma between Giodarnos and 60605. It's a minor thing, but coming from Google Maps, I'm used to searching without the need to use commas to seperate business and location.

  18. Anonymous

    Bing Maps for Enterprise is not yet rolled out here in the Philippines.

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