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imageI’m moving on….

No, not from Microsoft or even Bing Maps (formerly Virtual Earth), but from MSDN. My blog is moving to the new Bing Community site. In fact, if you’re reading this you’re getting the entry from the new site, so “Hello, World!” Yeah, I’m the only person that can say it and mean it! Now, what to call my readers since we changed to Bing? I used to refer to you as “Virtual Earthlings,” so maybe “Bingalings” or “Bing Bongs?” “Earthbings?” Oye, this will take some marinating. The new communities site will aggregate all of the greatest Bing Bloggers around Microsoft into a single portal. Now, my old Virtual Earth Blog will be designated as the Bing Maps Blog under the Bing Community. You can check out my new blog at Bing.com/maps. I’ll cover both consumer (Bing Maps) and enterprise (Bing Maps for Enterprise) as a part of my blog. Don’t be surprised when you get redirected to the new site and don’t see my personal Photosynth or some placard of a conference at which I’m presenting (currently, ReMIX Australia, btw). It’s just the new community site and I’ll find ways to hack it up and make it mine over time. And, you may have to update your RSS readers and blog aggregators; but either way, follow me to the new site (or welcome to the new site) and we will make map-passionate love together.


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  1. Anonymous

    I love Bing Search so Much!

  2. jhendrix

    how about "badabings"

  3. Chris Pendleton

    -pc – limit is based on performance and limitations from our imagery providers so people don't go ripping imagery for their own use outside the platform. There are some areas with tiles below zoom level 21, but it's fairly limited.


  4. -pc


    Is there a way to get back an image greater than 900X900 using the services API? Why this limit?

    Also is there any source with zoom levels > 21.



  5. Anonymous

    lg6920 – the pins on the API or on Bing Maps? Yes to the former, no to the latter.


  6. lg6920

    is there a way to change the color on Push pins on maps. I would like to display to different colors.

  7. Anonymous


    Loving the new look and finally some competition against Google.  I'm looking forward to seeing all the changes and additions that are in the queue for BingMaps.  Keep me on the short list if you are looking to add Virtual Tour imaging.  

    Virtual Tours of unique places could be a huge opportunity for you (and Bing).  Check out what we did for Charm City Cakes from the hit Food Network TV show, Ace of Cakes. http://www.unique360tours.com/charmcitycakes

    John Gibbs, VP

    Unique360Tours, LLC  

  8. Anonymous

    Hi Chris, I just left a comment on the Facebook fan site for you.  I'd love to know how to contact you to discuss partnership opportunities. I work at a consumer software company (Alot.com) that reaches a sizable audience of people looking for maps – I think we can help you spread the word about the new brand and "Bing it on!"

  9. Larry

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but it seems like a start. I've just tried the new Bing maps and am generally pleased. There is one issue however. The controls on my Space Navigator (which as I remember, or think I remember had worked correctly in Virtual Earth), now are distinctly non-standard. For example, to zoom in or out I have to rotate the knob, instead of pulling up or pushing down. Very non-intuitive. Is it just me, or are others finding this? I'm using the latest driver by the way.

  10. Anonymous

    Ooops, the cities in india (cities falling into 3rd ranked) had only famous places on maps and not the whole lot of information about the city.

    i was looking for Vadoddara map and its only the big V and nothing more

  11. Anonymous


    I thought there was version 1 and version 2 maps (or something like that) with the second version having higher fidelity and more trees, etc.  Anyhow, I guess the 3D maps have already been upgraded.

    On another note, the Bing team should give themselves a huge pat on the back – Bing is definately a challenger to Google – keep the momentum rolling!!

  12. Chris Pendleton

    More advanced 3D models? Everything in the 3D control is still there…and the models are pretty advanced.


  13. Anonymous


    What happened to the more advanced 3d Virtual Earth models that were supposed to roll out?  Are these already incorporated in bing maps or has Microsoft elected to hold off on them for the time being?

  14. SoulSolutions

    Good to see you have a new home but Bingaling? I'd hold on that before making T-Shirts 😉

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