Welcome to the Bing Maps Blog

imageI’m moving on….

No, not from Microsoft or even Bing Maps (formerly Virtual Earth), but from MSDN. My blog is moving to the new Bing Community site. In fact, if you’re reading this you’re getting the entry from the new site, so “Hello, World!” Yeah, I’m the only person that can say it and mean it! Now, what to call my readers since we changed to Bing? I used to refer to you as “Virtual Earthlings,” so maybe “Bingalings” or “Bing Bongs?” “Earthbings?” Oye, this will take some marinating. The new communities site will aggregate all of the greatest Bing Bloggers around Microsoft into a single portal. Now, my old Virtual Earth Blog will be designated as the Bing Maps Blog under the Bing Community. You can check out my new blog at Bing.com/maps. I’ll cover both consumer (Bing Maps) and enterprise (Bing Maps for Enterprise) as a part of my blog. Don’t be surprised when you get redirected to the new site and don’t see my personal Photosynth or some placard of a conference at which I’m presenting (currently, ReMIX Australia, btw). It’s just the new community site and I’ll find ways to hack it up and make it mine over time. And, you may have to update your RSS readers and blog aggregators; but either way, follow me to the new site (or welcome to the new site) and we will make map-passionate love together.


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