Rebranding Microsoft Virtual Earth To…


Microsoft Virtual Earth now has a new name (and it’s not Kumo or Kiev). First, a little background to ensure we’re all on the same page. As of yesterday….

Live Search Maps was our consumer maps offering. This is the web site you go to for maps, aerial photos, directions, searching for points of interest and creating collections of your own personal data to store in the cloud. Live Search Maps is now called Bing Maps. Bing! That’s right, you know you’re going to do it every time you see the name. Bing! I digress.

Microsoft Virtual Earth was our enterprise mapping platform. This was the set of APIs you would leverage to embed maps into your web site along with overlay data in the form of pushpins, polygons, polylines, raster overlays, etc. etc. Microsoft Virtual Earth is now called "Bing Maps for Enterprise."

Now, the fun part. What does that mean for all the other properties?

MapPoint Web Service will remain MapPoint Web Service. Photosynth will remain Photosynth. Well, this is a lot of work to go through each one, so I took the liberty of interviewing one of our Corporate Vice Presidents in Search, Erik Jorgensen, to discuss this hot topic. Watch this video and all of your questions about the new Bing brand will be answered.

Click video to view. Double click to view full screen

Be sure to visit the main Bing blog for more information.

In the coming weeks you’ll learn more about how we designed Bing to cut through internet clutter and deliver more relevant results to help people make better choices. In the meantime, visit and follow Bing on Twitter (@Bing) for all the latest news.

My Twitter remains the same – @chrispendleton. I also set up a Facebook page for all you Bing Maps fans out there. My blog will also be moving soon and will be focusing on both Bing Maps and Bing Maps for Enterprise, so stay tuned for more information on that.

CP – Bing Maps Technical Evangelist….I need new business cards.

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  1. jonv

    "mark an area on the map" turns to crosshairs but just pans like the "hand" cannot create an area…frustrating???

  2. philbert coyle

    @chris pendleton – thanks a lot for sharing that great app. I was wondering if the "staging" watermarks are unavoidable, and also whether there is a more specific way to search. For example, I am trying to look at an area in Campolide, Lisbon, but the birdseye that I am directed to after typing this leads me to only a small part of campolide. I would need the photographs to the left and right of the found image.

    hope that makes sense, thanks again.

  3. Blackpool UK

    I like virtual earth very vertual

  4. superpan3721

    Microsoft Virtual Earth closely resemble Google Earth, but it seems Google Earth enjoy more popular fame.

  5. Anonymous

    I love Bing Search so Much!

  6. Chris Pendleton

    @john1885 – Bing Maps currently doesn't have that feature.


  7. john1885

    Is it possible to drag the mouse for a new route on the map as you can for Google Maps?  I don't always want to go the direction the map draws.


  8. Chris Pendleton

    Try reprojecting the roads onto these photos! The images will appear skewed from scene to scene because you're missing the elevation information. You could use my app to get a whole BE scene if that helps:


  9. Anonymous

    Using SnagIt and Photoshop, I captured a number of contiguous bird's eye images hoping to stitch them together, but it's like the Bing Maps image gets skewed when it's panned, and my separate captures don't align well.  ???

  10. Anonymous

    yellowjacket – you can right click anywhere on a map to add items to your collection. You can also use the rollover for any pins on the map to "add to collection." Once the collection is created, you can "map all" items to view the entire collection at once.


  11. YellowJacket

    I just came upon Bing Maps.  I've been using Google Maps.  Bing does look better, but I can't figure out how to create a collection and then add a map to it.   Is there a "help" or some instructions on how to use Bing Maps.

  12. Nathanael


    Who do we have to 'thank' for the removal of realtime weather in the shift from Virtual Earth 3D Beta to Bing Maps 3D?

  13. Anonymous

    BING = Because It's NOT Google

  14. mrjohnnie

    I love Virtual Earth… Sometimes I spend hours doing 'virtual walks' thru my old neighborhood.

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