Virtual Earth in Hospitality Web Cast Playback


As a follow up to my hospitality focused web cast last week "Hospitality Businesses Create Strong Guest Connections with Virtual Earth (Level 100)" or in the case that you missed the web cast (shame on you), the recording is now available for download on the Momentum web site.

I talked about some pretty interesting scenarios around Virtual Earth and its place in Hospitality. Those of you in the industry should take a wee bit of your time to listen in. Also, Tyler Davey from Infusion was my guest presenter and showed some great examples where Infusion has built some valuable solutions leveraging Virtual Earth.

Tune into next month’s web casts:

April 16 @ 10AM PDT – Steve Milroy of TerraSystems will take the reins and focus on Virtual Earth in Fleet Management scenarios in a session titled, "Manage Fleets Cost-Effectively with Virtual Earth." In a challenging economy, managing a fleet efficiently is more important than ever to reduce costs and improve fleet utilization. Learn how organizations like J.B. Hunt Transportation Services, United Biscuits, Wackenhut Security, and the City of Anaheim, California, work with the Virtual Earth platform to:

    • Increase fleet and workforce efficiency
    • Reduce costs and environmental impact
    • Improve communication and customer service

April 23 @ 10AM PDT – I’ll dive into the next release of the Virtual Earth platform in a web cast titled, "Learn What’s New in the Virtual Earth Platform" which will focus on upcoming features for the AJAX control and the recently released Silverlight Map Control.

I hope you get a chance to tune in. Also, if you’re interested in any of the previous web casts, just visit our web cast home page to view the recordings.


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