CoDe Magazine: Virtual Earth 101

image Jim Duffy of TakeNote Technologies, and Microsoft MVP, wrote an in depth article for CoDe Magazine covering Microsoft Virtual Earth from the AJAX map control to the Virtual Earth Web Service. Now, most CoDe Magazine articles require a login for paid access, but after pulling a few strings the article is now wide open – so go get it. The article, "Virtual Earth 101" is a great overview for beginners, so if you’re a developer and wondering how to get started with Virtual Earth you can start with this article. When you’re done, bookmark the SDK and get cracking.

Per Jim’s article, "In this article, I want to start you on your way developing applications with Virtual Earth and get you thinking outside the box in regards to how you display information to visitors to your websites or to your corporate management. For example, consider a postal code sales report sorted descending by sales percentage. Maybe you could improve upon that report by presenting the data as a pie chart to help management see how specific postal codes compare to each other. Taking that idea even further, you could overlay that same information on a map and see that the top three postal codes are all on one side of a particular highway. Maybe that’s important, maybe it’s not, but that fact would go unnoticed on a report or a pie chart. Geographically visualizing data takes the analysis to an entirely new visualization level."

Thanks for the time and effort Jim!


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