Photosynth Featured on CSI: Miami

image Photosynth was featured on the season 12, episode 7 of CSI: Miami titled, "Head Case" on CBS. As described on the web site, "The CSIs use radical technology to unlock the secrets of a man’s mind when he shows up covered in blood with no memory of where he’s been." Microsoft teamed up with the production crew to make this happen. In order to develop the content for the episode we spent a few days on set during the filming taking pictures of the intersection for the Photosynth and working with the team to create a high quality synth they could use. Since the person in question backtracks through several different locations Microsoft Virtual Earth is used to show the movement between points. 

Photosynth on CSI: Miami

If you just want to see the Photosynth, fast forward to 12:30 in the episode; although, I’d recommend watching it. It’s pretty twisted. Photosynth was moved into the Virtual Earth team in August, 2008. If you have no idea what Photosynth is go to the Photosynth web site or search If you’d like to use Photosynth for your show, contact me – we’ll make it happen.


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