Deep Earth Released Into the Wild

image The open source project dubbed Deep Earth has been officially released. The project puts Microsoft Virtual Earth in a Silverlight UX allowing for incredible visual and scalable geospatial data visualization.

DeepEarth is a mapping control powered by the combination of Microsoft’s Silverlight 2.0 platform and the DeepZoom (MuliScaleImage) control. At its core, it builds on these innovative technologies to provide an architecture for bringing together layers for services, data providers, and your own custom mapping elements together into an impressive user experience. Also featured are in depth examples of how you can leverage Virtual Earth Web Services to take advantage of advanced GIS service functionality. This is what you need to get an interactive, native Silverlight 2.0, map into your application today.

You can see a working version of the application on the Deep Earth Soul Solutions web site.


Here are some of the features:

  • Fully implemented map control with property and event model
  • Fully templated set of map navigation controls
  • Layers for inclusion of Points, LineStrings and Polygons (OGS)
  • Conversion library for Geography to Screen coordinated systems.
  • Geocoding (find an address)
  • Reverse Geocoding (getting an address from a point on the map)
  • Routing (Directions)
  • Marque zoom selection (default Ctrl-click and drag or from menu toggle)
  • Map rotation

Wow – super robust and lighting fast! Watch this video for more. You can download the Deep Earth bits from CodePlex.


So, if you want Silverlight and Virtual Earth TODAY, you can download the solution and get cranking. Don’t forget, you’ll need at least a developer account to get going, so sign up for a Virtual Earth Developer Account. If you would like to get rid of the "Staging" watermark you’ll want a license, so send mail to the Virtual Earth Licensing Team.


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