Microsoft Software Pirates Beware

Microsoft Virtual Earth will find you….

A week ago, The Microsoft Anti-Piracy Group launched Global Anti-Piracy Day (Oct. 21). Okay, I’m a week late AND, to be clear, this has nothing to do with Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept. 19) – it is quite the antithesis, in fact. Seriously, though, the team works relentlessly to prevent software piracy which affects both software vendors (such as Microsoft) as it does consumers who buy pirated, thus unlicensed and unsupported, software thinking it’s legit. In their efforts to better illustrate the endeavors underway, The Anti-Piracy Team created the Global Anti-Piracy Day Interactive Map using Microsoft Virtual Earth.


The map application highlights Anti-Piracy Case Files (red dots – juicy stuff) and Customer Stories (blue dots – sad stories). Roll over any dot to see details about happenings in each of the 49 countries to get detailed information about the legal actions, education efforts and customer reactions.

A bit about the Global Anti-Piracy Day, "Microsoft is taking these steps as part of its commitment to working with communities, national governments and local law enforcement agencies around the world to protect its customers and partners and promote the value of intellectual property as a driver of innovation." Also, check out the video and press materials on the matter.

Yet another way to view geospatially relevant data that maybe you hadn’t thought about. I know I didn’t.


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