Virtual Earth Gallery in trueSpace; Plus a Contest

We’re looking for a few good 3D designers to submit their best 3D work in Microsoft Virtual Earth (or Live Search Maps). A new addition to the Caligari (trueSpace) 3D Authoring and Collaboration site is a Virtual Earth Gallery specifically dedicated projects with geolocation in mind. You can browse through user submitted 3D objects to place them in your collection in Live Search Maps. For more information on how to do this, you can review my post – Announcing trueSpace for Virtual Earth 3D Development – please note trueSpace 7.6 is FREE. Don’t pay for it on some rip off web site – Register and Download trueSpace 7.6 for free. In addition to my post, the Caligari team has improved some of their own documentation explaining Windows Live ID and some finer details about the integration with a Virtual Earth and trueSpace primer.

Also, we’ve setup a monthly trueSpace / Virtual Earth integration contest to up the ante, as it were. We hope to see some really cool 3D models uploaded into Live Search Maps as a part of this effort. The movie above was submitted by Stephen May, our first winner (August, 2008) whose “Wizitch Tower” model is a beautiful addition to Live Search Maps’ Collections and placed quite nicely in Christchurch, New Zealand. You’ll also see his “Rocketship” and “LaunchTower” in the video – equally impressive. You can view these 3D collection items in Virtual Earth 3D if you’d prefer.

How can you submit your models for the trueSpace Virtual Earth Contest? Here are the rules:

Each month, send in your Virtual Earth creations made in trueSpace for a chance to win a prize! All selected entries will be put on display, promoting your work to the millions of visitors who drop by the Caligari website each month.

  1. You must be a registered trueSpace7.6 owner to enter.
  2. You must submit the link to your Virtual Earth collection, so that the judges can view your work in Virtual Earth.
  3. To enter, use sign in to our Gallery submission pages. To view the prizes for the current month, visit our Gallery Information page.
  4. Judging Criteria: The criteria for choosing the winner is left open to the judges, but some guidelines are:
  • An object with a relevant geo-location
  • Good modeling that shows enough detail but without excessive polygon counts
  • Good texturing
  • The same object may be submitted to the Caligari monthly Image or Animation galleries as well as to the Virtual Earth Gallery – entering or placing in one category will not affect the chances of placing in the others!
  • Well? Let’s see whatcha got.


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