Formula 1 Grand Prix and Virtual Earth

imageGert Van Waelvelde built a nifty little application for racing fans to be able to see all of the Formula 1 Racing locations on a Microsoft Virtual Earth map. The application sits in the Live Gallery so it can be added to your custom homepage, your Live Spaces web page or you Live Events page. Now, apparently this has been updated because it was originally posted in November, 2007 but now uses the updated controls.

The application highlights the different countries involved with Formula 1, the respective race track, a country flag (pushpin) placed where the respective track is, the date when Formula 1 gets to that track, the most recent winner, the car they drove and links for the person and car in Wikipedia. The downside of the application is the size of the DIV containing the map. I want that to be configurable, but it’s just not.

I should also note that the application was build using the Microsoft Popfly Virtual Earth block to drag and drop data onto a map in a WYSIWYG fashion. Did you know you can just drag and drop to create Virtual Earth applications in Popfly? Well, you can, but that’s for another post. Also, feel free to search the Windows Live Gallery for more Virtual Earth gadgets. I found a bunch of random Virtual Earth mashup gadgets on Live Gallery. Where’s yours?


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