Now powering parts of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas Entergy has gone live with their Virtual Earth “powered” mapping application. Entergy has integrated Virtual Earth into several applications including their Storm Center and Outage Maps.


The site allows you to view outages across the 4 servicing states highlighting electrical outages and their respective status. Different icons represent different types of outages depending on the number of customers affected. Given the respective area (one of the 4 states) you’ll also see a boundary surrounding the area Entergy services within or around that state. My favorite view is the ability to look at the “System Wide” view (in the state select box) which shows all servicing areas and outages (below). On the map, you can see pushpins for “locations” or polygons for “areas.” You can also, view all of the outages for a specific county by selecting the respective county in the list box on the lower right hand side of the page. Right now, there are 3 outages in a central part of Mississippi that has affected 1,381 people! Gees, it’s only summer! Can’t they catch a break? I guess summer is rough in The South whereas winter is rough in the Northwest. I sure wish my local utility had this….yes, I’m dropping another hint. Please?



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