Darden Restaurants

image It’s Friday and a rare sunny, beautiful day in Redmond. I’m feeling good and will be hitting the outdoors as soon as possible – we tend to cut our days short when the sun comes out. Perhaps this is why response times from me are shorter in the summer. Oh, so back to my point, Bahama Breeze is a place I love to eat at outdoors. There’s only one near Seattle and it’s in Tukwila which is about 25 minutes from Redmond (and Seattle) near the airport. I see it every time I come and go from the SeaTac Airport but it’s just not Caribbean enough in Seattle for me to frequently get in the mood….until today.

And, now I can use the Bahama Breeze store locator powered by Virtual Earth. In fact, I can search for Bahama Breeze AND any of the Darden Restaurant Brands. Check out the list of Darden Restaurants below that now use Virtual Earth to help users find their restaurants.

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Darden is one of those companies that owns all these great places you frequent and don’t realize that they are all owned by someone else. Did you know Abercrombie and Fitch owns Hollister? Qdoba is owned by Jack in the Box? Capital Grille is one of my favorite restaurants! Their “Wedge” Salad with blue cheese is so money. My first time was in Houston and, as you know, everything is bigger in Texas so the experience was fantastic. Bob’s Chophouse in Dallas is pretty darn good too but that’s mostly for the company. :)

Wow, I’ve gone off the rails.

The locators are pretty straightforward, but much more useful with the AJAX maps and aerial photos for finding exactly where the restaurants are. Plus, the results include a link to driving directions and a menu which is always useful. Now, can we get more Darden Restaurants in Seattle? 4 Olive Gardens, 1 Bahama Breeze, 1 Capital Grille and 3 Red Lobsters within 50 miles is simply not enough!


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