Virtual Earth and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is an incredible new visualization technology from Microsoft and since we are “One Microsoft” with some extremely exciting user experience software coming to the forefront Virtual Earth is being one of the beautiful interfaces in our UX arsenal why not try it out in your solution?

We have seen applications that do one or more of the following:

  • Plot customers on a map with 3D pins
  • Radius search – visualizing the radius and changing the radius by simply pulling on the band
  • Drive-time Area – a drive time search 10 minutes from the center point of the original radius search
  • Visualizing demographic data on the map with 3D size, shapes and colors
  • Filtering demographics data on the map to change size, shapes and colors
  • Cross referencing demographic data with tiered customer information
  • Mining data based on demographics, customer information and location
  • Using Bird’s Eye photography to visualize location information
  • Custom navigation in 3D – panning, zooming, rotating, tilting
  • Touching data points on the map for additional information

Open source mapping applications can be a powerful force for good, paving the way ahead for targeted action that drives faster results. Bing Maps API enables these apps with developer-friendly tools that are easy to pick up and build with. Create a free key and explore the platform today.


I’ve never worked with mapping apps before, can I still use Bing Maps API?

Developers will always have access to a detailed library of documentation that includes step-by-step walk-throughs for each feature. Add interactive code samples into the mix, and you’ll have support every step along the way.

I would like to build my own mapping app, how can I get started?

Businesses and individual developers can start today by creating a Basic key for free. This key unlocks all the features you need to create a robust mapping solution. Visit our licensing page to learn more.

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