Top 100 Photo Contest - Win $10,000!

I stumbled across a Virtual Earth mashup dubbed The Top 100 Iconic Photo Locations Map Room from Canon and Microsoft and realized there’s a whole contest behind this thing (details below). First, the mashup!

imageOnce you get to the site, you can select one of five “quadrants.” Yes, I know quad means four, but they broke up the US into 4 quadrants and then call the fifth “other” which means the rest of the world.

So, you can select a quadrant (such as The Southwestern Quadrant) and explore locations such as Big Sur, Golden Gate Bridge or Highland District of Nob Hill Route 66 Neon Route (it’s in New Mexico). For some of the locations you can see a photo. For others, there is no photo (like Highland District of Nob Hill Route 66 Neon Route) and they want you to submit the photo. From the popup, you can click on the “No image available” image which takes you to a form to submit your photo. Hey, why not? You could win $10,000! And, how many submissions of Highland District of Nob Hill Route 66 Neon Route are there going to be?

After the map you can see a list of the locations and read more information about each one of them including a link to Live Search for more information, coordinates (in lat/lon and degrees) and some icons for seeing it on a map, whether or not an image has been submitted and if it was a staff pick.

If you’re just here about the money, here are details on the contest:

Canon and Microsoft have put together The Top 100 Iconic Photo Locations Contest which allow users to submit their photos of the top 100 locations as defined by Canon and Microsoft. Here’s some information about the contest that I poached from the PC PhotoMag Web Site:

Photography is an adventure in discovery. Check out our Top 100 Iconic Photo Locations, or use our Microsoft Virtual Earth map to explore your own favorite photo locations in amazing detail. Whether you find your favorite subjects in distant and exotic locations or in the cultures and people nearer to home, we want to see your ultimate shots.

Submit photos to the Top 100 Photo Contest for a chance to win $1,000 cash, the Canon 5D D-SLR Camera and the Microsoft Photo Workflow software package—along with publication of your winning image in PCPhoto!

All photos must be submitted online by August 15, 2008. Click here to enter!

Free money is money.


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