Location Intelligence - VE + SQL Server 2008 Spatial


Ed Katibah (Spatial Ed) and I are doing a workshop Monday, April 28 morning at The Location Intelligence Conference in Santa Clara, CA. The workshop will focus on integration points between Virtual Earth and SQL Server.

The workshop starts at 9AM. We provided the following description:

Title: Microsoft Spatial
Company: Microsoft
Presenter: Chris Pendleton and Ed Katibah
Room: Ballroom C
Description:: This workshop provides an in-depth look at both Microsoft SQL Server Spatial and Microsoft Virtual Earth products. Come see how the union of these two platforms illustrate the power of both geo-spatial querying and geo-data visualization within a single Microsoft solution.

If you want to learn about Virtual Earth – show up.

If you want to learn about SQL Server 2008 Spatial – show up.

If you want to learn about how Virtual Earth and SQL Server 2008 will work together – show up.

We’re going to go through VE in detail, SQL Server Spatial in detail and then walk through an application that uses both. We’re going deep and technical, so plan on seeing some code. Don’t worry, we’ll cover the high level stuff first but we need to get into the nitty gritty to really show you the benefits of developing with a Microsoft exclusive solution.

I hope to see you there!


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