Marriott "Go Board"

Virtual Earth has a multitude of uses on the web, but now you can see it moving into the hotel lobby. Marriott is rolling out their “Go Board” which is a large screen in their hotel lobbies highlighting weather, news, events and other local information, but more importantly maps! Virtual Earth maps no less. 


The Go Board has a touch screen interface allowing users to view maps and get directions right from the screen. There’s a full list of local points of interest for guests to browse through, see where they are in proximity to the hotel and get directions right to the respective location. It’s not evident from the video, but you can touch the map and drag it for that fluid AJAX experience you’ve come to love.


And you thought Virtual Earth was for the web only. The Go Board is currently available at the Courtyard Fairfax Fair Oaks in Virginia. You’ll see the Go Board in the following locations soon:

San Diego made the list – very nice!


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