City of Miami

I’m going to Miami this summer. I’ll be attending the TeleAtlas Conference in June; however, that’s not the point of this. I wanted to highlight what The City of Miami has done with Virtual Earth.


There are actually several applications built atop of Virtual Earth, the latest being the zoning application. The zoning application allows for users to see what parcels of land are dedicated to the different types of zoning permits available in the city of Miami. Here are a list of the applications:

City of Miami Zoning 3D – Locate information and access interactive maps relating to Zoning and Property information within in the City of Miami in 3D.

City of Miami Zoning Application – View a map of the City of Miami. Zoom in to find your neighborhood! Apply layers to show City resources.

City of Miami Code Enforcement Application – Search for zoning violations in your area by Folio Number, Violation or Address.

Miami Large Scale Report – Application to locate and access the latest information on major development going on in the City of Miami

The sites were developed in coordination with IS Consulting and their MapDotNet Server.


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