MIX 2008 Hands On Lab

I mentioned previously that I written the Hands On Lab for Virtual Earth at MIX this year. If you went to MIX it’s included on the DVD you got in your bag. If you didn’t go to MIX, I believe the HOLs will be provided online at the MIX web site. For the Virtual Earth HOL, I uploaded a .PDF version of the lab to my SkyDrive site.


Also, in the docs I included callouts for specifying how to accept the Active-X pop-ups. Well, as you might know there’s a better way using a single line of code called “Mark of the Web” which changes the security setting for that page allowing it to render Active-X objects without prompting for permission. This is the code you can just add to the HEAD element of your HTML page.

<!– saved from url=(0014)about:internet –>


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